Roller Crimper Video: How to Save Time, Money and the Environment

The 2019 VANTAGE No-Till Champion, Doug Fifer, tried planting green with a front mounted roller crimper in the spring of 2020. Videos during planting and photos throughout the season were compiled into a brief video by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. The planting experience on June 2nd went very smoothly into well established rye/vetch and wheat/vetch cover crops. The only herbicide application was a burndown of glyphosate + dicamba after planting. The herbicide costs for the field were only 20% of the cost for a standard program of burndown + residual herbicide + an over the top application of glyphosate. Planting was delayed until June 2nd due to the cool wet spring. The field looked great through a July dry spell then the August rains hit. The August rainfall total exceeded 17 inches. The saturated soil conditions caused highly variable corn yields throughout the field. Doug is looking forward to gaining more experience with the roller crimper with future plantings.

Planting green in 2020

VANTAGE CIG Final Report

Innovative Cropping Systems Using Diverse Cover Crops & Manure Injection

Slug Project:

Slug Management Field Plot [PDF]

The link below opens the Slug Scouting Update video in a new browser tab:
Slug Scouting Update Spring/Summer 2020 (13:26 video)


Soybean Project:

Soybean Planting Population and Spacing Study [PDF]

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