Fact Sheets

VANTAGE CIG: Innovative Cropping Systems Using Diverse Cover Crops & Manure Injection

VANTAGE Project Part I: Alternative Winter Cover Crops [PDF]

VANTAGE Project Part II: Dairy Manure Injection Trials [PDF]

No-Till Seeding of Forage Grasses and Legumes [link]

Equipment Considerations for No-till Soybean Seeding [link]

Deep Tillage Prior to No-Till Corn: Research and Recommendations [link]

Virginia No-Till Fact Sheet Series Number Two: Nitrogen Fertilizer Injection in No-Till Systems [link]

No-till Organic Culture of Garlic Utilizing Different Cover Crop Residues and Straw Mulch for

Over-wintering Protection, Under Two Seasonal Levels of Organic Nitrogen [link]

Successful No-Tillage Corn Production [link]

Virginia No-Till Fact Sheet Series Number Three: Manure Injection [link]

Virginia No-Till Fact Sheet Series Number Five – Understanding Ammonia Volatilization from Fertilizers [link]

Identification and Control of Annual Ryegrass in No-Till Corn in Virginia [link]

Virginia No-Till Fact Sheet Series Number Six – Nitrogen Fertilizer Sources and Properties [link]

Slug Management in Continuous No-Till [PDF]


Presentations at 2011 Virginia No-Till Alliance Meeting [Link opens in a new window.]


  • Fertility Management for No-Till (Length: 34:39)
  • Getting A Good Soybean Stand (Length: 49:04)
  • Manure Injecting Panel (Length: 47:44)
  • Optimizing No-Till Seeding Equipment
  • Real Life No-Till Seeding Equipment
  • Cover Crops (Length: 27:56)
  • Managing Soils in No-Till (Length: 1:04:53)
  • Soil and Run Off Loss (Length: 57:00)

Gaining Ground: Successful no-till farmers tell their stories [Link opens in a new window.]

Agronomic Crops Insects Presentation: Slugs on Field Crops [Link opens in a new window.]

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