Drill Calibration Worksheet

The Drill Calibration Worksheet does the math to compute the target seeding rates for drills and planters. The user inputs the parameters for their equipment along with the seed information. The spreadsheet calculates the target seed quantities for the calibration conditions specified. Data generated during the calibration can be entered into the spreadsheet to obtain the actual seeding rate for a tested setting.  Two worksheet templates are available:  one for using seed weight per acre and one for using seed count per acre. Click here to download the Drill Calibration Worksheet.

A video explaining how to use the Drill Calibration Worksheet can be found on YouTube at this link: Grain Drill Calibration – YouTube

Fact Sheets

VANTAGE CIG: Innovative Cropping Systems Using Diverse Cover Crops & Manure Injection

VANTAGE Project Part I: Alternative Winter Cover Crops [PDF]

VANTAGE Project Part II: Dairy Manure Injection Trials [PDF]

No-Till Seeding of Forage Grasses and Legumes [link]

Equipment Considerations for No-till Soybean Seeding [link]

Deep Tillage Prior to No-Till Corn: Research and Recommendations [link]

Virginia No-Till Fact Sheet Series Number Two: Nitrogen Fertilizer Injection in No-Till Systems [link]

No-till Organic Culture of Garlic Utilizing Different Cover Crop Residues and Straw Mulch for

Over-wintering Protection, Under Two Seasonal Levels of Organic Nitrogen [link]

Successful No-Tillage Corn Production [link]

Virginia No-Till Fact Sheet Series Number Three: Manure Injection [link]

Virginia No-Till Fact Sheet Series Number Five – Understanding Ammonia Volatilization from Fertilizers [link]

Identification and Control of Annual Ryegrass in No-Till Corn in Virginia [link]

Virginia No-Till Fact Sheet Series Number Six – Nitrogen Fertilizer Sources and Properties [link]

Slug Management in Continuous No-Till [PDF]


Presentations at 2011 Virginia No-Till Alliance Meeting [Link opens in a new window.]


  • Fertility Management for No-Till (Length: 34:39)
  • Getting A Good Soybean Stand (Length: 49:04)
  • Manure Injecting Panel (Length: 47:44)
  • Optimizing No-Till Seeding Equipment
  • Real Life No-Till Seeding Equipment
  • Cover Crops (Length: 27:56)
  • Managing Soils in No-Till (Length: 1:04:53)
  • Soil and Run Off Loss (Length: 57:00)

Gaining Ground: Successful no-till farmers tell their stories [Link opens in a new window.]

Agronomic Crops Insects Presentation: Slugs on Field Crops [Link opens in a new window.]

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