The information listed below includes several opportunities for you to network with other crop producers throughout the state to share knowledge, information and experiences that could benefit you and others on the farm. In addition to what is listed below, if you are interested participating in or organizing a local no-tilling network in your community please contact Doug Horn at (540) 245-5750 or for more information.

Reasons to become involved:

  • VANTAGE conferences and field days are great places to meet other progressive farmers.
  • Track upcoming events on this website to get the dates and locations of VANTAGE conferences, meetings, and field days on your calendar.
  • Spend the day sharing knowledge and information while getting to know other no-tillers in your area.
  • Become actively involved helping to plan workshops, field days, or possibly volunteering to host an event on your farm.
  • Help expand VANTAGE membership and build the network of progressive no-tillers in your local community.
  • Become an active producer board member representing no-tillers from your region of the state.
  • Help identify issues or topics for future programs, research or innovative on-farm demonstrations.
  • Network cooperatively with other farmers to seek funding for on-farm research and demonstrations.

Become a member today. For more information about networking through VANTAGE just call the number above.

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