The Virginia No-Tillage Alliance exists to maximize farm productivity and profitability by promoting the successful implementation of continuous no-till systems through shared ideas, technology, conservation and education.

VANTAGE Shenandoah Valley Board of Directors

The VANTAGE Board is made up of farmers and agri-business representatives in the Shenandoah Valley region of Virginia.

The current 2023 Board Members are listed below.

Producer Members
Doug Fifer, President, Mount Solon
Shane Richman, Vice President, Edinburg
Charlie Garber, New Market
Wayne Garber, Mt. Sidney
Brett Wightman, Edinburg
Kevin Lloyd, Singers Glen

Agribusiness Members
Stewart Detamore, Treasurer, S. L. Hess & Sons, Harrisonburg
Wally Beckner, Houff Corporation, Lexington
Bailey Carpenter, Rockingham Cooperative, Bridgewater

Doug Horn, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Augusta County
Bobby Clark, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Shenandoah County
Chris Lawrence, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Richmond
Lydia Fitzgerald, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Richmond

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