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Cover Crop Plots

VANTAGE embarked on a multi-species cover crop project in 2012, funded by Natural Resource Conservation Service – Conservation Innovation Grant.  Here are some photos taken today (click to enlarge).


From left to right – rye, clover, rapeseed/turnip,  radish (long since winter killed); rye alone; & triticale, hairy vetch.

IMG_20130418_093003_212Barley, crimson clover, hairy vetch, and radish (long since winter killed)

Barley was sown next to an area left unplanted.  Below is a photo taken today followed by a photo taken two weeks ago.



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Soil health info from NRCS

NRCS has some great resources on improving soil health, in turn enhancing productivity and conservation.

Click here to “hear directly from some of the nation’s leading  farmers to find out how they’re using soil health management systems to make their farms more profitable, productive and sustainable.”

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