Soil Quality Meeting

We hosted a very successful soil quality meeting last week at VANTAGE President Anthony Beery’s farm. Anthony dug a soil pit and we discussed improving soils through no-till practices. Anthony also discussed his experience with manure injection and planter set-up.

Farmers gathered around as NRCS staff discussed soils typical of Rockingham county cropland.

Alfalfa roots follow earthworm tunnels, and corn roots follow alfalfa root channels.

Farmers getting down and dirty to get a close up of deep rooted alfalfa.

Extension staff drew attention to this no-till planter, which uses trash wheels up front to deal with residue, and a coulter in front of the double disc openers, to deal with difficult soil conditions.

This is what it’s all about! Farmers learning from each other, here talking about their own successes with no-till planting.

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