Upcoming Events in 2020

No-Till Chat N’ Chew Meetings

Three informal on-farm Chat N’ Chew sessions were scheduled to be held in March. The sessions are an opportunity for farmers to discuss soil health and production issues with their peers in a neighbor’s shop or field.   

March 10th in Mt. Solon
March 17th in Woodstock  This meeting has been cancelled!
March 24th in Dayton  This meeting has been cancelled!

Flyer for event


Check back for future events when the ban on public gatherings is lifted.


One session was actually held in Mt. Solon.  The 12 people in attendance discussed a wide range of topics from cover crop nitrogen release to manure management to testimonials for soil health improvement. After a lively discussion, a Subway lunch was enjoyed by all. We had a special treat with Deere Horn’s Homemade Ice Cream to end the event.

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